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Random Thought #6: The Rear Window Approach

20 October 2020, 03:03 PM

31°c , India




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One day you will be reborn,

Rising from the ashes

Of your insecurities,

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My Brain..

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My brain...

My prison...

Prison of my thoughts...

Prison of my feelings...

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  • 176

One day you will be reborn,

Rising from the ashes

Of your insecurities,

My Brain..

  • 206

My brain...

My prison...

Prison of my thoughts...

Prison of my feelings...

राखी की कीमत

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“सुनो”, श्रीमतीजी ने फ़रमाया,

“तुम्हारी बहन का whatsapp पे पैगाम है आया”.

बीवी की बात पे श्रीमानजी ने मुँह बिचकाया,

बोले,” क्या जो परसों बोला था, वही है दोहराया?”

Writer’s Block…

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I know I wanna write,

but don’t know what about.

My brain has wandered everywhere,

guess not on the right route.

Indian Independence Day- Celebrate This One Day…

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Celebrate this one day for the people who gave their lives for this country.

Celebrate this one day for yourself because you are not sundry.

Celebrate this one day to feel what those people felt before laying their lives.

Celebrate this one day so it doesn’t become part of freedom archives.

The Writer’s Block and the Writer’s Mobile

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I was sulking, like I usually do a lot whenever I am in a big writer’s block, and was off to a very common more of a hangout market with my mom because I just had a sudden desire to have deep gulps of hot sambar (which I tell you is very difficult because all you end up with in first few spoons is the steam. Then you try again and bravely dip your mouth nearer to the spoon and you burn your lips and/or your tongue.).

ज़िन्दगी तू भी एक शिक्षिका है

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ज़िन्दगी तू भी एक शिक्षिका है

पानी सा अविरल बहने की,

पर्वतों सा अडिग खड़े रहने की,

धुएं सा ऊंचा बढ़ने की तू प्रेरणा है.

Rain! Rain! Don’t Go Again

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Delhi is having a year-long monsoon this time with rains every month… January was raining… Feb was too… Now, even May had its around 8 to 9 hours of rain and no matter how sore that sounded, you can’t complain about them. They make the day beautiful, cold and really tasty. And if the rain is pouring and you have nothing to do, then it’s a bonus on a bonus.

मुझे यकीं है कि मैं कुछ भी नहीं

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है यकीं मुझे कि मैं कुछ भी नहीं।

नन्हा सा कण हूँ अपनी ज़िंदगी का ।

जब मैं खुद अपनी ज़िंदगी ही नहीं,

तो मुझे यकीं है कि मैं कुछ भी नहीं।

Sleep My Way…

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I want to sleep,

And sleep till I never wake up the same.

While this life passes me idly and I sleep.

This world doesn’t evoke my interest anymore.

Yes I Failed…

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Yes, I failed…

but I never turned my back.

No matter how far I had to go,

I never stopped on the track.

The mask I wear…

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The mask I wear..

To deceive.

The world of my reality,

My vulnerability,....

Shades of me…

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Sometimes I feel,

I don’t live in my body.

I am just an audience…

Looking at me,

From a distance far away…

Where are you God…

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Where are you, God..?

I try finding you every day,

in those temples far away,

in those beautiful idols.

Those buildings that are sacred........


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If the world has to end someday

I hope she finds her place underwater

As the sweet waves take over

And deep she goes into a dark oblivion.

डर लगता है…

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पंख तो है पर उन्हें पसार कर,

उड़ने से डर लगता है .

यूँ तो ज़िन्दगी रुकी नहीं पर,

आगे बढ़ने से डर लगता है.

राहें है, है मंज़िल भी नज़र में,

है अपनी हर कोशिश भी असर में.

हिम्मत है पहाड़ नापने की पर,

चढ़ने से डर लगता है.

Why Exotic Effervescence….???

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Every mind on earth is a pressure built champagne bottle. The stopper keeps a check on the effervescence of the bubbly from it. It doesn’t allow the vivacity and the enthusiasm to come out of the walls built around it. The enthusiasm and the vivacity- the effervescence- that is exotic in nature.


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Most of us come across this word very often…..Friction.

Friction is the force opposite to the force that we apply to move forward.

(This might feel like a physics lesson…..But go on.)

Me… Lipi Gupta

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Hi Guys!!

I am Lipi Gupta.