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28 September 2020, 06:51 PM

31°c , India

Communication of Love…Don’t be Late

Communication of Love…Don’t be Late

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Being a strong-headed businessman made him really busy and burdened with loads of work. He believed in one policy, ‘Time is money’. But the fact that he had modified the policy to, ‘Time lost, money lost’ was also pretty true. His family hardly remembered when he had smiled at them affectionately. He and his family although stayed under the same roof physically, were lacking the emotional connection that a family should have. Instead, they just use to see him, eyes on his mobile screen, toast with a laptop on the table, and sleeping only two to three hours a night. Early to rise, he was always out of his house way before his kids got up.

This had been going on for so long, the family had forgotten when they actually behaved like a family; maybe never. He went on achieving fame, success, wealth on the professional front, but he was the poorest of the poor as far as his personal life was concerned.

Maybe your family can take all the abuse you give it (at least his did) but not his body. One day his body declared that it has had it enough of the abuse. While preparing for a video presentation in his office, his world revolved in his eyes, and everything blacked out. Soon he was down on the ground, collapsed like a strengthless tree trunk. However he was in an office full of seventy people, nobody checked on him for two hours, they were always afraid of his temperament. Two hours later when his secretary walked in to remind him of his Video presentation, she ran back and called for assistance. He was the popular business tycoon, after all, he got immediate attention and medical assistance.

No doubt he was admitted to one of the finest hospitals in the city. His world spun in the wrong direction when he came to know the diagnosis. He had a brain tumor; the last stage. Doctors advised him rest and cautioned him, any mental pressure could burst it the moment and kill him immediately. They can operate on him, but he was supposed to decrease his pressure as his BP won’t support an operation. Advised rest and happiness; he wasn’t used to happiness and standing still in life. But his life was did come to a standstill.

His house felt strange to him; he hadn’t spent a whole day at his house for so long. Things were familiar, but still new. He knew distress would kill him and so he decided to focus on things he missed. At that particular moment, he realized how much happiness he missed, how much he ignored his family. His dying mind somehow realizes that it was only her family that was supporting him in this phase. Soon he started paying more attention to his kids who showed him that he was so happy. He realized how unlucky he was to miss out on the beautiful childhood of his kids and now he may not have another chance for it.

Spending time with his family, he slowly controlled his blood pressure and his doctor’s medication was working well. His tumor size decreased and the day of his surgery came.

Holding his family’s hands he kept on looking in their eyes as his daughter blinked her tears and wished him to come back soon. She told her how amazing it was to spend time with him and when he comes back they will go out on vacation.

As he got up after the effects of anesthesia faded out. His doctor in ICU told him, the way your tumor looked in his initial scans, he had no chance. But definitely, a miracle brought him back and made him better. As his family approached him, he cried as his family slowly and carefully hugged him. He recovered soon. But his old lifestyle didn’t recover and this new lifestyle of his kept him happy for years to come.


Life is too small to not communicate your love. Way too small to hide it as well. Life may have given second chances to few. But most of us realize the truth when it’s too late. Don’t be late for love. Don’t be late to recognize the right communication of love and its importance.



Written by: Ramachandra Koppar

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  1. Dr Neeta - 14 Sep 2020

    Very mindful...I think this whole Covid had also come to teach what you have mentioned in your article...Talk and be there before it's too late...

  2. D.Paul (@footslogger) - 20 Sep 2020

    Awesome bro... Please visit my blog too...

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