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20 October 2020, 02:18 PM

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Is Technology Limiting Us?

Is Technology Limiting Us?

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Is technology limiting us? That is a highly debatable topic. We, the people of the twenty-first century, are so habitual to the use of technology for most of our lifespan, we need to ask this question to us the right way?

Should we argue or even talk about this topic? The answer is a highly ecstatic ‘YES’. We have often heard from our parents, elders and to be precise our previous generation, that in THEIR time, when the use of technology was less, they exhibited high social attributes. Most of the technology dependence and problems which we face today, they hadn’t even heard of them at that time. If we tend to look at the learning ability and mental capacity of an average person of our previous generation (barring few exceptional talents found in every generation), we find that they could do calculations faster and without the use of calculating devices, compared to device driven and device dependant fellows we feature. I agree that with the changing times, we need to adapt to the changes that occur in the overall structure of the economy. But should we change so much that we lose the course of living with that change?


Of course, change is inevitable, but that change should not change the standard of an average person’s ability. No one by birth is an average person. Some events and dependency brood our thinking capacity which makes us believe we are average and not an intellectual. Every generation is capable enough to rise above the dark clouds of changes and achieve what everyone dreams of achieving. With the invention of the telephone, of course, the distance between our peers and kins has lessened. But at what cost? With the advent of technological advancements every now and then, we are more prone to the gaps it is creating.


Of course, at the time when it was evident that technology will make life easier, it is also making life vulnerable to unidentified threats it’s bringing.

When technology has made us connect with people over great distances easily, it has also disrupted our life to the maximum possible extent. Although technology has made humans gregarious on online platforms, offline he is becoming more uncongenial, if not all most of them. When in our times we need to know our friends amply, we seldom know them. A mild-mannered friend turns out to be a stalker, an amicable buddy has links with some terrorist group, and we may never know it. Sadly we can never imagine that these, sometimes, are the people who are the most socially active people on social platforms.


We should not be against technology because it can help us do wonders in life but let us not depend on technology so much so that it tends to unharness our creativity. The day is not far, when robots take over human labor, and we can hope that it’s the only thing they take over. But the real power should remain vested in the hands of the true nature of humanity- compassion, kindness, love, feelings, emotions, morals, and knowledge because without these we will become another product of technology- aim driven but lifeless.



Written by: Ramachandra Koppar

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  1. Anna Selt - 06 Oct 2020

    Very nice👏👏

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