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5 December 2020, 07:47 PM

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I will be back with you in a minute.

I am just taking a timeout,

In the areas where your boundaries are.

The place where you just stop existing.

And never dare to go.



I know you are trying to get me back,

In the sane areas of your brightness.

And the light that you shower

But the place that I am standing in,

You have never felt saner.



You maybe are brighter

And your boundaries much darker

But the place that I stand today

Are so much calmer

And reflect back to me my soul.



I know you are desperately trying

Flailing hands to bring me back

But there’s a peace that calls me

A warmth that soothes my worldly pains

And making me want to move ahead.





Maybe life is the solitude…or maybe it is just a desperate journey that we make to find our resting place.



Lipi Gupta


Copyright: Lipi Gupta,06/11/2018, 17:00 PM IST

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