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5 December 2020, 07:35 PM

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Random Thought #7: Why Do We Lose Hope?

Random Thought #7: Why Do We Lose Hope?

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We keep on living our lives circling around the routine we set up. So did I. But this thought came to my mind when I met with an accident and my leg was fractured and I was confined to the bed for a whole month. Till then I never realized that hope is a very powerful tool. I never realized when I was hauling myself through the most boring routine jobs that I was doing, I was still carrying hope in my mind. Having hope is something a person needs so he can overcome his weakness, his fear, and work hard to achieve the goal. Sometimes the odds might not be in his favor but still, if there is hope there is a chance of achieving what we desire. But something or some incidents still make us lose hope or let us believe less of ourselves and we end up bickering and cribbing.

Is it good for us to lose hope? No. Then how to handle such situations?

It’s just a thought but instead of running fast or hoping for something big we should be taking baby steps towards something small and relatable instead of a big goal. With every step and every success, things could be elevated and work can be eased. It’s easy to achieve small success in the beginning and then grow to the heights of a mammoth rather than trying to reach that faraway place in a single leap. But the best thing is achieving small goals boosts us and builds our hope.

If you feel discouraged, remember the things that went well and can compare it with the current situation. Take a little timeout and sit back to analyze what went wrong. Find the alternative and try fixing it. If it can’t be fixed, try moving past it.

There was a time when I lost hope of achieving something because I was not supported by people around me and I confined myself in a room for six months. The worst thing was I still didn’t get the support I needed. But when I started working on things myself again, I felt the confidence to make things happen. This made me a stronger person and helped me achieve my goal.

I would say, losing hope is just a phase of life, instead of being a victim try to fix things with smaller steps so that you can start hoping again.

My thoughts, my words.



Akhilesh Math

Written by: Akhilesh Math

Edited by: Lipi Gupta

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