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Random Thought #6: The Rear Window Approach

20 October 2020, 02:31 PM

31°c , India

Conqueror’s Plight

Conqueror’s Plight

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After the bloody war, we fought

They lost the war with bloodshed it brought

As I sit on the golden throne

Ears couldn’t out focus the moan

I could see their empire crumble

Lives shattering, heartbeats fumble

I could see people burning

As the pages of my win keep turning

I could hear widows’ cries

Those helpless shrieks, those dead cold sighs

I wanted to conquer a great empire

I used my power, I used my fire

But ended up with a ruined land

Life crawling on knees begging for an end

War broke my warrior’s heart

Pestilence in me played its part

Death took it over

As I fell like a crumbled tower.


 – Wordsmith of dawn

  Edited by: Lipi Gupta 

Copyright: Akhilesh Math, 01/19/2018, 15:14 IST

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  1. Tag Simon - 05 Jun 2020

    Nice poem

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