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23 June 2021, 07:31 PM

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Energy and Emotions

Energy and Emotions

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“Energy is always constant in an isolated body, it is said to be conserved over time. It neither can be created nor destroyed, it can only be transformed or transferred from one form to another.” – Theory of Energy Conservation

This is the first law of thermodynamics and holds true for all the closed systems. Our universe is one such closed system and we are a part of it. Every person has a powerhouse of energy stored in their body and this energy can be lent out only in changed forms. So when we actually feel low in energy, it is because we have spent the energy into something else and our body needs more of it.


But where do we use it?                                                          

While most of us believe that all our physical works need energy, most of us don’t know that even our emotions are energy burners. Our emotions sometimes burn even more of our energy than the physical exercises. This is the reason that after having a fight or a breakup we feel more in the need of having sugar or sweet food. The energy of our body feels spent in the emotions that we have and our body feels exhausted, craving for more fuel.


On the other hand, if we are too excited about something and dive into it with a lot of force, the excitement burns more energy and again we feel spent in less time. This is also the reason behind exhaustion after an adrenaline rush state. All of these actions take place on the cellular level and we don’t even know it.


The most amazing thing is that our body has its own way of expending extra energy as well. Whenever we are loaded with extra energy, our mind finds ways of expelling it. It can be either by motivating ourselves for some physical form of exercise, but most commonly by emotionally charging up too much. This may lead to unnecessary drama in our lives that can be avoided generally by giving up some energy or exercising more. Even if young ones, kids, behave naughtily or remain engaged in destructive activities or remain emotionally charged up, their energy is channelized in some productive or constructive activity. This lets out the stored energy and gives them a break from the emotionally charged state.


What if the energy is all-time low?

When our mind isn’t feeling well or happy, our energy feels low constantly. This remains constant in many mental disorders, more commonly associated with depression. At such a time, it is important to stimulate the brain. The brain is stimulated with exercises, sugar intake, chocolates, etc., and releases endorphins that increase the level of energy in our body making us feel charged again.


So, whenever we feel discharged of energy, it is a possibility that it is a result of our hypercharged emotions. Or the other way around, feed yourself with positive emotions and happiness because that can keep you charged for a longer time.




Lipi Gupta

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