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28 May 2020, 05:34 PM

31°c , India

Moments of momentum 

Moments of momentum 

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My cheeks retain the sepia-toned blush, in my eyes remain the sweet image of you walking down the street,  
you had smiled graciously looking up at me,
I doubt you remember, but, standing at the same place on my balcony, 
every morning I recreate that minute.
I talk with this ecstatic moment quite often,
have so much to say that you won’t get to know, anyway, 
it’s more easy;  not directly saying it to you
I evolve as new, in each sentence of sentience.
 Living a few trivial moments can bring the same joy
the little girl in me felt while catching the sunbeams on the wall
that entered through a small hole in the curtain
 every afternoon before the after-school siesta.
Some feelings are like cinnamon honey 
the after taste is left on the tongue long after swallowing. 



Nandita Samanta is a poet, a short story writer, a reviewer, an artist. She also practices as a parenting and relationship advisor. Her writings are published regularly in many international/national anthologies, magazines, webzines and journals. Many of her poems have been translated to different languages. The poetry collection, ‘Scattered Moments’ finds a place of honour in many prestigious libraries in Kolkata, has been translated into French and Bengali, both the versions will be published next year. The next collection ’The Trapeze Of The Mind’, will be available on kindle in June 2020.

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