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23 June 2021, 09:08 PM

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Pranayama: Science of a Healthy Life

Pranayama: Science of a Healthy Life

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While most of us are spending our lives in all kinds of physical and mental stress, it has become very difficult to maintain the health generations prior to us were privy to. The environmental pollution, increasing pressure for standards, competition in materialistic races, decreasing time spent on physical labor, we, however, have developed a huge number of healthcare facilities but it seems the real treasure of health has been left behind someplace in the way.


The lifestyle that we are leading has made us working in a robotic rhythm that we actually do not get proper time to do the most basic things that we need for better sustenance. Eating properly, drinking the right thing, and even breathing the correct way have become luxuries that we need to spend extra care and time on.


Breathing the right way is very important for our lives, better functioning of our body, and the biological systems that we are made of.


While we do breathe throughout the day, it is important to understand the right way of breathing so we can get the maximum benefits out of it. Yoga is one of the oldest science which, when practiced the right way, teaches us the right way of small processes that can influence our lives big time. As we cannot avoid the polluted air and water and neither can we forego all the stress which has become a compulsory byproduct of the societal existence, it is much easier to practice the well-researched science.


Yoga teaches us a number of breathing exercises that help us regulate our breathing and provide us better benefits than what we are reaping.


The exercises that help us breathing better and impacts our lungs and the rest of the body positively are called ‘Pranayama’. There are a number of ways in which effective breathing is practiced in pranayama.


1 Adham Pranayam

The deep abdominal breaths. After straightening the back, deep abdominal breaths are inhaled in which the pressure is exerted through the abdomen. Deep abdominal breaths are cleansing to the lungs and good for digestion as well as oxygen absorption. It is also good for the stomach, diaphragm, lungs upper abdominal muscles.

2 Anulom-Vilom Pranayama

In this exercise, press the index finger to the center of the forehead, and with middle finger and thumb place on either nostril. While inhaling from left nostril keep the right one closed and exhale from right keeping the left one close. Next turn would be repeated in reverse. This Pranayama is good for sinus pain, increasing lung capacity and oxygen intake.

3 Kapal Bhati Pranayama

This exercise is breathing out forcefully through both nostrils after inhaling. The force in exhalation should be exerted by the abdominal muscles. This Pranayama is good for stomach, digestion, lungs, heart as well as help increasing stamina and reducing weight. It also helps in increasing total lung capacity as well as control on abdominal muscles.

Though there are many other styles of breathing exercises defined in yoga, these three are the easiest as well as most practiced forms of pranayama. While practicing pranayama, a person should maintain combinations of all three for the aforementioned benefits.

Pranayama is good for rejuvenation, reducing weight, reducing stress and many other overall health benefits. Do make sure when you practice pranayama to stay in an open area possibly with trees and proper ventilation.

Though our hectic lifestyles have made us slaves to comforts as well as indifferent to our health, the earlier that we realize the need of our bodies for better sustenance greater it will be for our lives.

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